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Kauai in Five Days! Hanalei and the North Shore

Kauai in Five Days! Hanalei and the North Shore Take a helicopter tour? Charter a boat for Deep Sea Fishing? Go Snorkeling? Maybe Whale Watching... We only have a week on Kauai! What do we do? Where do we start? When can I fit all this stuff in? Which end of the island should we start at? (Yes, the road ends on either side of the island so you can't go all the way around!)

You can do all that through the following links:
Charter a helicopter
Charter a boat for deep sea fishing
Go Snorkeling
Go Whale Watching

Well, I have a tour for you! Stick with me and I will take you on a five day tour of Kauai, the Garden Island. You'll get in all the sights, even some most people don't see, and still have time for romance and relaxation.

On Day 1, we'll start on the North shore ok Kauai - Hanalei and the Napali Coast. Then, we'll go to the East side - Moloa'a, Anahola, Kapa'a, Wailua, and Lihu'e for day two. On our third day, we'll trip down on the South side of Kauai in Po'ipu and Maha'ulepu. On day four or our sojourn, I will take you all the way out to the very West end of Kauai, through Waimea and out to Polihale Beach State park. Finally, on the last day ouf our tour, we will take a relaxing yet spectacular drive up to Koke'e into the State park to see the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Waimea Canyon, and the marvelous Kalalau Valley.

So, if you're ready, let's get started!

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Hanalei and the North Shore of Kauai

Hanalei and the North Shore of Kauai As I said, the Kauai road does not go all the way around the island. You drive out to the north end, turn around and drive to the west end. Sounds simple, but ohhh - there is so very much to see.

Let's make this easy on all of us. To start our tour, let's go out to the north shore. We will drive all the way out to the "end of the road" at Ke'e beach ((pronounce kay-ay) eventually, but we'll stop at a few places along the way.

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Kilauea Lighthouse Refuge and Anini Beach

We are going out to the town of Kilauea and the Kilauea Lighthouse Refuge- about 24 miles from the Lihue airport. Hop in the car and drive north on the main highway to around the 24 mile marker. Turn right there onto Kolo then left onto Kilauea Rd. and drive to the end. you'll get to the Kilauea Lighthouse and National Wildlilfe Refuge. THE view is stunning, and the rangers there are knowledgeable about the seabirds and flora around the lighthouse. The Kilauea Lighthouse (established ca 1913) houses one of the largest clamshell Fresnel lenses in the US. Although no longer operational )replaced by a modern LED light in '74) it is still a marvel and a jewel to behold.

After a tour thought he bookstore and gift shop, hop back into the car and drive back out to the main highway and continue heading north. There is one stop you might make though. Just after you get out of Kilauea, you'll cross a huge bridge... THe Kalihiwai bridge. About 1/2 mile up the hill past the bridge turn right onto Anini Road and follow it down to the beach.

The old stories say that the area was originally called "Wanini" but the sign was broken in a storm leaving only the "Anini" so that's what it is now. Anini is a great rest stop with showers and rest stations, and a wonderful sheltered beach park. Snorkeling, swimming, windsurfing lessons, and yes, Deep Sea Charter Fishing. Just think, you could go fishing for half a day while the kids hang on the beach. Hmmm... OK - enough fantasizing, let's get back on the road to the End of the Road.

Get back up the Kuhio Highway and hang a right - Along the way, you'll pass a couple of equestrian / riding satbles. You can stop if you want, but you'll never get to see the end of the road. Instead, keep going until you reach the town of Hanalei.

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You'll pass the town of Princeville - replete with a small shopping mall. you can stop here for supplies if you like. Just past that - on your left, pull over and grab the camera. This... is Hanalei Valley. Besides being so green, Hanalei Valley is the largest supplier of taro in Hawaii. Taro, a Hawaiian staple food, is used to make poi and baby food in many parts of the globe. And if you think this view is green, just wait ... we have a lot of exploring to do on the north shore of Kauai.

You'll drive down a winding road, catch a glimpse of the Hanalei coastline, and come to the famous Hanalei Bridge. This is the only way in and out of Hanalei and points beyond. The bridge is only one lane so be nice. Stop and let the other folks go first. Believe it or not, there are several wrecks on this little bridge every year. Custom dictates that if the other guy across the river was there first, he gets to go. Take your time, it's a sleepy town out here

Take your time and cruise through the town of Hanalei. There are clothing shops, restaurants, parks for laying out, an historic church, and of course the beach. Hanalei Bay is not to be missed. Just take a right on most any road once you get into town, drive to the end and go right again. You'll eventually wind up at "Black Pot" and the Historic Hanalei Pier. The area at the pier is called Black Pot because in the old days of whaling, the pots were set up there on the beach for cleaning and rendering of the whale oils. The name stuck. You can get out here and go for a swim. the water is safe - especially in the summer months. If you'd feel safer with a lifeguard, just drive toward the other end of the beach to the pavillion and rest station. County assigned lifeguardss are on duty seven days a week. You'll also find showers at all the stops along the beach.

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Ke'e And The End Of The Road, Caves, Beaches, Parks


After taking a dip and grabbing a lunch-to-go, continue on your way toward the end of the road. - Drive out to the main road (Kuhio hwy) hang a right, and keep driving. you will pass Wainiha, with the last store on the north shore (they have a sign that says so) and slowly wend your way through the quiet settlements there on your way to Ke'e.

You'll ford a small stream out there - right at Haena Beach Park. Pull overe on the right and enter Maniniholo dry cave. The cave, which was about 300 yards deep, used to be much larger but the 1957 tsunami partially filled it with sand. Legend states that Manini-holo, chief fisherman (po'olawai'a) of the Menehune (little people) dug this cave in search of the supernatural imps in the rocks, who had been stealing their fish. The cave you see ytoday is a result of the Menehune labor. Of course, the ocean used to be much higher and these caves were formed from thousands of years of ocean waves beating against the lava and etching away the rock. Drive a bit further on, and pull over to see the Waikapalae and Waikanaloa wet caves. The first, Wai-kapa-lae cave is about 100 feet above the road and will take a bit of walking - about 150 yards or so.But it is definitely worth the energy. The water level was quite a bit higher when I was a kid, but it is still a beautiful place to visit even now. Please be respectful at these places as they are sacred to native Hawaiians. Just a few yards further on is the cave Waikanaloa. Both these caves were built by Pele, our firegoddess and goddess of the volcano.

Just a bit further...AH! here we are! the End of the Road at Ke'e. Put your hiking shoes on and hit the trail on your left. The Napali Trail runs about 12 miles along the coast on the sea cliffs. It is a very difficult hike taking much preparation. However, for just a short jaunt, you really must try at least the first half mile of the trail. You will walk past fresh mountain springs, crtically steep sea clilffs, and witness, at the 1/2 mile point, one of the most spectacular sea-cliff views you will ever experience. Believe me, after driving all this way, you should it. And when you come out of the trail, you have that wonderful cove at Ke'e Beach in which to swim and cool off.

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There Ya Go - Kauai

There Ya Go - Kauai

I just wish we had more time today, but we are running out of daylight, and frankly, I'm pooped. Now we can take a leisurely drive back to the hotel and enjoy a cool shower and dinner. Maybe room service? Take a nice break, because tomorrow, we go to the East side of Kauai. Moloa'a, Anahola, Kapa'a, the Sacred area of Wailua, and Nawiliwili, so be ready!

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Things to Do Kauai North Shore

the Surf's up on Kauai's North Shore this week! Waves up to 20 feet are expected. All the surfers are headed to Hanalei Bay. Expect some epic waves and outstanding rides. The guys will be towing in at the bay.

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