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Kokee State Park, Mountains, Kalalau Valley, Waimea Canyon

Kokee State Park, Mountains, Kalalau Valley, Waimea Canyon Kokee State Park, Kauai.

Make sure you take along plenty of snacks, water and sunscreen and a camera. There is a concession in the state park, but pretty limited in what they offer. Also, the elevation gets up over 4000 feet (nearly 1500 meters) so bring a sweater too.

From Kaumualii highway in Waimea, turn mauka (toward the mountains) onto Waimea Canyon Drive. Feel free to stop anywhere along the way to take in the sights, but keep in mind that the locals go up and down these mountains daily and you should pull over when someone gets up behind you. Just pull over and wave, the folks appreciate it.

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Lookouts, Overlooks and Waterfalls in Kokee

Lookouts, Overlooks and Waterfalls in Kokee Like I said, don't be shy to pull over and take a look wherever you feel like it - You'll miss a lot if you don't get in just a bit less of a hurry.

Waimea Canyon Lookout

A little past the 10 mile marker on HWY 550 offers the most expansive view into Waimea Canyon. Comfort stations provided.

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Pu'u Ka Pele Lookout

Pu This is an informal pullout with waterfall view (Waipo'o Falls - discussed next) .75 m past the 12 mile marker on HWY 550. It's right across the street from a cluster of picnic pavilions and a comfort station.

Pu'u Ka Pele means,"Pele's Hill" or "Pele's Mound" actually referring to her more private parts. Hawaiians did that sort of thing.

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Waipo'o Falls

Waipo Right around the 3000 foot level (elevations are marked along the way) and just past the 12 mile marker is a green railing. Stop and take a look. When I was a child, this waterfall was hugely active year-round. Nowadays, because of the water being pulled off for agriculture, the flow has slowed substantially. Nevertheless, it is still quite an impressive fall at nearly 3000 feet above sea level.

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Pu'u Hinahina -

With a view into the canyon as well as out to the Island of Niihau, is located less than a mile beyond the waterfall view. Well marked. Comfort stations provided.<

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Kalalau Valley Lookouts -

Kalalau Valley Lookouts - Kalalau Lookout - Weather Permitting, Kalalau Lookout offers dramatic views through the valley to the ocean, almost 4000' below. After heavy rains, small waterfalls can be seen rippling down the folded cliffs. First thing in the morning is the best time to see the view. Comfort stations provided.

Pihea Lookout - A few miles past the Kalalau lookout is the Pihea Lookout. The spectacular view from 4400 feet above sea level of Kalalau valley is unsurpassed. If it's cloudy, just hang in there, this too will pass. Many a traveller has revelled in the clearing of the mists at Pihea.

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Kokee Museum:

Kokee Museum: No matter what the weather, Kokee Natural History Museum is open every day of the year from 10 am to 4 pm to greet and assist park visitors. That includes all holidays. Admission is free, though there is a donation box at the door. A suggested donation of at least $1 per person is suggested; the Museum receives no State funding for operations. There is an accessibility ramp into the Museum. Children are welcomed.

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Nature Hiking in Kokee

Nature Hiking in Kokee There are many hike you can take on your own in Koke'e, but you may want to try taking a guided nature hike. A good reference to Kokee State Park is the people at Kokee.org and the Natural History Museum. There you will find trail maps and informed Koke'e veterans. They will be able to tell you if you can take Children on a hike or not. there are a few trails suitable.

Some of the trails are:
Napali Trails -
Awa'awapuhi trail - 6.2 miles - Difficult
Honopu trail - 5.0 miles - Extremely difficult - Be ready - Easy to get lost
Nualolo trail - 7.6 miles - Difficult - Great views of Napali
Nualolo Cliff trail - 4.2 miles - Moderate - Excellent views

Waimea Canyon Trails: Children (8 and up) can do some of these
Black Pipe Trail - .8 miles - Moderate - 1 hr - Children
Waipo'o Falls Trail - 3.4 miles - Moderate - 2:30 hr - Older Children
Cliff Trail - .2 miles - Easy - 20 minutes - Children
Ditch Trail - 7.0 miles - Moderate - 4:00 hr
Iliau Nature Loop - .3 miles- Very Easy - 15 minutes - Children

Kokee Forest Trails: (Children = 8 and up)
Berry Flats Loop - 2.0 miles - Easy - 1:00 hr - Children
Halemanu-Koke'e Trail - 2.4 miles - Easy - 1:10 hr - Children
Maile Flats Trail - 5.0 miles - Moderate - 3 hrs - just cruise this one
Nature Trail (Koke'e Museum) - 0.2 miles - Very Easy - 20 minutes - Children

Don't forget the:
Alaka'i Swamp Trail - 7.0 miles - Difficult - 5:30 hrs

So take along your hiking boots because there are many more places to see.

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Kokee State Park Kauai - Hiking, Waterfalls, Mountains

Hope You enjoyed your Kauai Tour. Be sure to stop at the Kokee Museum and get some reference materials there. There are so many wonderful things in Kokee... endemic species of plants and birds such as the i'iwi, apapapane, elepaio, and many more. There are ferns that grow only on Kauai as well as many other plants and trees. Recognize the sandalwood tree that is quite rare no after the extensive harvesting in the 1800's. Learn about many plants that are linked to our mystical and mythic past. The Peaks and valleys that were so well-known to our ancestors and ali'i, the stories and legends that make Hawaii so unique. Take a dip in a pond near a pure waterfall and picnic in a special place that only you have found.

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A short video in Kokee

Kalalau Lookout on Kauai:

A Native plant - Naupaka Kuahiwi - in Kokee

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Waimea Canyon, Kokee State Park, Kauai Hawaii - Hiking and Scenery

So Join us on Kauai and don't forget to visit Tom Barefoot for all your booking needs.

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