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Here we Go on our Hawaiian Adventure!!

One of the toughest things about visiting Hawaii is trying to make the most of your time here. Well, I am here to tell you about a couple ways to make all that stress just melt away. Before you get here, just scroll through my pages and I know you'll have a much easier time of it. My son and I have developed an easy guide for you. Just up above this story, click in that little box and off you go. All on one page, you'll be booking great Hawaiian adventures at the best prices before you know it. Go fishin... Whale Watching, walk a shoreline, ridw an ATV or go on a Zodiac tour. Ride in a catamaran alonG the NaPali Coast of Kauai or sail to Molokini on Maui. You can catch a helicopter on any of the islands and see waterfalls, Vocanoes and deepest mountains and wilderness. We can direct you to hunting areas on the Big Island, let you know where to go skiing or just chill at the beach. We'll even tell you where to buy sunscreen. All of this in one easy to navigate site. Take your time and browse around. Aloha Michael

2011-05-27 12:16:04

Deep Sea Charter Fishing in Hawaii

Kauai Deep Sea Fishing, Maui Deep Sea Fishing, Big Island Deep Sea Fishing. All you have to do is check with us and Charter a boat. Off you Go.

Some buddies of mine were out off the Big Island (Kona Side) a couple of weeks ago - They nailed it. A whole mess of little Yellow Fin Tune (Ahi) and Mahimahi. We ate fish for days after that.

Take it from me., I have been deep sea fishing for most of my life, for pleasure, as a charter skipper and as a commercial captain... you have to go out ... if you don't get the hooks wet, nothing will bite. So, if you wanna get something, you're gonna have to dedicate some time to going out. Oh, you might get lucky and snag that big one the first time out, but realistically, you're gonna have to put some time in.

Trolling, bottom fishing, all the same. Ifg they bite, you are happy - otherwise you just dedicate the day to beer and fond memories.

2011-05-27 12:55:05